Go Bears!

As Cal is my only hope for tasting Bowl victory this season, I will be wholeheartedly cheering on da Bears from some den of iniquity. Not much more to add here, other than my virtual cheering, but can we all sit back and admire the quads of the Cal rugby team while we're at it? I mean, really... could they be any bigger?

JT in da hiz-ouse

the anticipation is rampant... 5 weeks and counting. JT at MSG. The girls are gone crazy.

2006 in Pictures

So, finally, with the help of a card reader, figured I'd start sharing some of my photos from this past year. A few I've opened up to the world... check them out here at AOL Public Galleries (only 300 or so of the 570 some odd are mine).

Steinbergs Take Manhattan

The Steinberg Clan and friends had a fantabulous time ripping it up in NYC for the Christmas Holiday. A shmokin' good time was had as we tore up the town... Joel Jaguar walked approximately 400 flights of stairs. Ariel Sassafras was the personification of a miracle with absolutely no purchases made. Leslie Leopard was the queen hugger herself. Adrienne Mustardseed needs a new umbrella for her next city tour. Richard the Rhino braved whipping rain and wind and was content to hand over most of the photographing duties... though not all. Special guest stars, the Weins, the Gerards, and on Ms. KZ all factored in to the fun. Until next year... or next month...

Musings on 2006

Random smatterings of thoughts, photos of friends and loved ones. Bits and bobs and tidings of good cheer. Scraps of cloth and strings and things.