Unfriended... by my Sister

Unfriending - it's all the rage. The NYT recently profiled the phenomenon. And in a week where my 66-year old aunt, and my mother joined The Facebook, my own sister decided to

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBase

unfriend me. What offense I committed, I know not. I'll leave it to the 30 of our common Facebook friends to help me keep tabs on the little lass.
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Did You Know? Didjya, Didjya?

Fascinating video clip about the growth and pace of information and technology (thanks for the head's up, M). It's getting crowded on the Information Superhighway.

Imagine, If You Will... Reading the Newspaper on Your Computer [1981]

In another edition of the Internet "way back when", check out this 1981 KRON (San Francisco) news clip about b

Atari 800: toy computerImage by kla4067 via Flickr

eing able to "one day" read your newspaper online. Back then it took two hours to download the entire paper, and it cost $5.00 versus $0.20 for the print edition.

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A History of the Internet... In 8 Minutes

All the Inauguration Photos That Are Fit to Print

And a few more... :)

Not Seeking Amy, But Very Clever

Go Britney (or more appropriately, her songwriter) for getting this horrific song on the already abysmal airwaves. I listened to it 2x and didn't "get it" until I did a little more google research (Cutting to the Chase: If (F) You (U) Seek (CK) Amy (Me)). It's sort of as exciting as it was back in the elementary school days when we thought we were so clever doodling A-D-I-D-A-S in the back of our notebooks, and mouthing "Vacuum" to each other across the classroom. Oh, culture.

I Want to Have Dinner at the White House

whitehouse-trees-closeImage by Daysleeper724 via FlickrOkay, okay, I made it in to the Capitol grounds just 5 minutes before swearing-in ceremony, but I just barely got in, and then once I did, I couldn't see anything anyhow. But vote here, so that I and 4,000 or so other lucky chaps can have dinner at the White House with our man BO to make up for the crap shoot which was a "Purple" Swearing-In ticket.

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Hail to the Chief

Many stories from the weekend for those of you not following my intermittent Tweets and Facebook updates. The Inauguration was a blast, and couldn't think of a better way to spend a freezing cold weekend with 2 million of my closest friends. And now a new day dawns, and President Obama pretty much rocks.
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Vote for My Tee

Dan + MikeImage by gordon c via FlickrOkay, can't take credit for the thought (B came up with it), but come vote (here) for our t-shirt slogan on Threadless: "Brookyn = T-shirts". Or, if you'd prefer our other Brooklyn-centric slogan: "Williamsburg: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" (vote here).Threadless logoImage via Wikipedia
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DC or Bust

B and A and I are heading down to DC early Sunday morning. Trying to avoid the masses on 95 South, we'll seek less crowded pastures. A little Ravens football Baltimore Ravens logoImage via Wikipediaon Sunday afternoon (I have no one else to root for now that the Giants, the Patriots and the Cowboys are all out, might as well make B happy). Then Monday, into the insanity.

We'll do a little touristy stuff on Monday afternoon mayhaps (feel free to follow me on Twitter: hollandtunnel). Monday night some dinner with CP and MK hopefully. Then some party party on Monday night.

Barack Obama @ TwitterImage by comicbase via FlickrAnd finally, the big day... It's about time. All the countdown clocks have reached their end and a new day is here. Now, the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. I'll be twittering all day long and hoping to meet up with my peeps after the swearing in (in the "purple" section thank you very much). The January drinking detox will be on hold as well (praise the Lord). Good times here we come.
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I Swear, I Got A Ticket!

Unbelievable, I'll be attending the swearing in ceremony. So exciting! Only have 1 ticket, but will get me some binoculars and bring me good camera to take pictures for y'all!

Speaking of Fonts...

It's a good day for fonts indeed. A Dutch font designer combined his craft with his love of the environment to create a new ecofont. It uses less ink (20% less) to print out, saving you from running out of ink cartridges. Download it here. This doesn't get you out of double-side printing, two-per page!

First Fonts, Now Industrial Design... Give Me a Handwriting Doc and I'm in Heaven

The same brilliant director who showcased the fascinating world of font creators in "Helvetica", now has a new project out "Objectified" about the world of industrial design. Ah, to be creative.

Dyn-oh-Nine! Rocking 2009.

Number nineImage by dharmabumx via FlickrI can't claim ownership, but I think "Dyn-oh-nine" sums up this very Happy New Year 2009! We're going to rock it. Before capturing for all posterity what I'm going to attempt to accomplish this year, we should do a reality check of last year's resolutions.

1.) Get a job -- Check, though we fear with this economy we should probably keep this on the list, but let's be optimistic for a week or so.
2.) Be more polished -- This was done and done quite well. Not sure what impact this had, but makes me feel good.
3.) Work on my core -- Somewhat accomplished. Early 2008 saw a lot of gym time and late 2008 saw some personal training. I've skimped a bit, but hope to get back on the core training train.
4.) Take a creative writing class -- Yeah, we just missed this boat. Drats. I'm less enthusiastic about this now, but you never know. Maybe I'll re-take up knitting instead.

Okay, solid B/B-. But more importantly, let's look to 2009. My resolutions are slim yet again, but hopefully accomplishable (this is not a word).

1.) Lose boyfriend weight - happy tidings in 2008, brought a few unwanted lbs. these must go.
2.) Fix the problem with my hip and neck - a 33-yr old should not be limping and constantly hunched from muscle tightening. Bring on the PT, muscle relaxers, cortisone and more stretching.
3.) Get more involved in local politics - I went whole hog in '08 with my man BO. It was such a great feeling, I'd like to become more involved in my local community.
4.) Stop falling back on pre-conceived notions - give people, especially my family, the benefit of the doubt. Things that were don't always have to be.

I'm very optimistic about 2009. Nothing is perfect and I'm sure obstacles and pitfalls can pop up at any time, but I haven't felt this positive and content in years. Let's kick it!

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