Doggone Good

Setting up my Apple TV yesterday (finally), started watching this podcast from All Songs Considered. I'm really digging the Dr. Dog. Check em out their set.

A Message from Joe Case-Pack

See more Thomas Haden Church videos at Funny or Die

Don't Let Up, Pedal Hard Through the End

Obama's Most Important Endorsement Yet

The Vet Who Did Not Vet

Bless dear Andrew Sullivan for posting such a treasure trove of bits and bobs in these waning days of the election.

Forget Being Gramatically Correct, Why Can't This Woman Speak in Complete Sentences?!

Sarah Palin explaining to Sean Hannity how the RNC didn't really buy *her* $150,000 worth of clothes that they in fact bought for her (from Fox News):

This evening when Sean Hannity interviewed the Alaska governor, she explained the purchases.

“The RNC spending money on clothes–those clothes are not my property. We had three days of using clothes that the RNC purchased. If people knew how Todd and I and our kids shop so frugally. My favorite shop is a consignment shop in Anchorage, Alaska called Out of the Closet and my shoe store is called Shoe Fly in Juneau, Alaska. It is not a you know–it is not 5th Avenue type of shopping.” Palin said, “But RNC purchasing some clothes that are either returned or they are going to charity. It is not my property.”

You Heard It Here First... A Vote for John McCain, Is A Vote for George W. Bush

McCain Attack Ads, Reinvented

Vote for Hope, Hip-Hop Style

Thanks to KJ for pointing this one out.

Obama '08 - Vote For Hope from MC Yogi on Vimeo.

F*#$, All Y'all

Last week, Jon Stewart had some harsh words in reaction to Sarah Palin's comments about small town Americans the only real pro-Americans. The other night, he clarified.

Pour Me Some Sugar, Man

Heard this little ditty from Rodriguez this morning on way back from the gym. "Sugar Man" is a fantastic tune. Apparently recorded by Rodriguez in the 1970s, it was wildly under appreciated - in the US - when originally put out and now it's just been remastered and rereleased. Definitely worth a spin or tune on the iPod harddrive.

Boybama Woos The White Mamas

West Side Mac vs. PC Story

It's a bloody fight to the finish!

Two More Nerve Wracking Weeks... Find Out Where to Vote

She Got Lost in a Corn Maze

Tina Fey provides some color to David Letterman on how she feels about impersonating Sarah Palin... hint: "She kills things."

Ack! I Forgot to Say "Off With His Head!"

I'm not even sure I have the wherewithal to imagine why this photo came to be taken.

It's Melting!

After driving down and back to Baltimore/Virginia this weekend, we spent a lot of the car time listening to some very scary and very informative podcasts on the global financial meltdown, as well an astounding Bill Moyers interview with professor, and retired US Army colonel, Andrew Bacevich on the imperial presidency. I would highly recommend taking a listen to some of the following on your next workout, drive to work, or car trip. Also, both The Money Meltdown and NPR's Planet Money promise to be a great resources for the latest and greatest on the financial crisis.

The Good Times Are Killing Me

Sequoia Capital gave a now infamous talk to the CEOs of the companies in its investment portfolio. It's a grim, and very realistic take, on what start-ups are going to face in the next couple of years. Speaking of... anyone have the number for that truck driving school?

CEO_ALL_HANDS_10-7-08_FINAL - Free Legal Forms

The Sky Is Falling! Okay, Maybe Not, But the Dow Is...

Holy jeezo flip. The Dow is down below 9,000 today. Stupid short sellers.

I haven't decided which go-to harbinger of gloom and doom I prefer to track this global meltdown but ClusterStock is doing the trick in the meantime.

All Obama, All The Timeline

Keep up to date on all the latest Obama news, speeches, etc. at Dipity Election Center

Never Mess With A Thai Woman


Sarah Palin Loves the Facebook Too!

You Can Do It While You're Pooping...

Register to vote, if you haven't already. Given that Holland Tunnel only has 5 readers, feel like I'm doing my duty here.