It Won't Save the Print Industry, but Not Too Shabby

I'm an unexpected convert to the Kindle. I love how easy it is to carry several books at once. I love how I can read one-handed on the subway. I love that I don't have to worry about losing bookmarks. I love the built-in dictionary to look up confounding words. And I love that if I forget my Kindle, it's synced with my iPhone, and I can pick up reading at the exact place I left off.

But the Kindle is far from it's ultimate ideal, and the Kindle's current state isn't fantastic for reading magazines or newspapers. I believe the print magazine industry is in for a big hurt, and all the dreams of locking out Google, and paywalls and tablet-versions aren't going to save it -- in whole. But Sport Illustrated's new demo does show how magazines can have a compelling digital life on a tablet, or Kindle-like device.

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We'll Now Hear from the Esteemed State Senator from Staten Island

Diane Savino, the NY State Senator from Staten Island gave an impassioned speech earlier this week in support of the gay marriage bill that was brought to the senate floor, and ultimately failed. Worth 7 minutes of your time ... hope to hear more from her in the future.