Ladies, All the Ladies, Pay Attention Now

That's right, apparently the junk emailers at eHarmony think I need a little flirting advice. Who am I to argue. In any case, I thought I'd share the love (or path to love). Important deep-dives include:
  • be yourself (and always be prepared)... since as you know, flirting can happen anywhere, ladies
  • make the most of your flirting *moves* ... you know, the shy inviting smile, the tossing of the hair, don't forget to laugh so he thinks he's funny, don't be afraid to slightly touch his hand, arm (but steer clear of his ass, ladies)
  • don't try to hard... be sure to avoid coming across as a total whore
  • play the game (and play to win)... oh yeah, it's totally a game; if he's just not that into you, he's not into you. don't any of you people watch Oprah, GD-it?
  • leave him wanting more... even if you are having the time of your life, bow out, so he wants you, bad. real bad.
I too wish I had made this up. Alas, we're all still pathetically single, so maybe we should just make this happen, because what you've been doing thus far hasn't been working g'friend. Have at 'em.

Oh Jeebus (as they say), will the madness ever stop?

Ooh, Gross.

Would if this were her only problem these days... let's check the tally since 2004:

  • AMS:
    • Break-Ups: 2 or 3
    • Moves: 3 or 4
    • Work: without for 6 months
    • Babies: None
    • Family: Lost my dad and my grandmother
    • Hair: Darker, with bangs, but otherwise the same
  • BJS:
    • Break-Ups: 1 or 2 divorces
    • Moves: She has a few houses
    • Work: her last album was a flop, then again she's worth somewhere between $50-150MM
    • Babies: 2
    • Family: A whole group of nutters
    • Hair: Shaven and now tatty extensions
Yes, yes, still prefer my life.

Let the music roll


I never claimed to be early to any party, but I think I'm digging on this Kenna guy. Was doing my cleaning-slash-nerdy Sunday afternoon NPR listening thing, and tuned into this radio show The Sound of Young America. Kenna isn't your typical Ethiopian-cum-Virginian-cum-Cincinnatian. He gives mad props to U2. He rolls with the Neptunes. And some of his songs have dope BPM... definitely going on my next running mix.

God Bless Sarah Silverman For Being An Evil Genius

I rarely watch Jimmy Kimmel (as in, I don't think I've ever purposefully watched it before). But last night - all abuzz from my Oscar night domination - I kept the show rolling. And what do I discover, but quite possibly the funniest 10 minutes of cameo appearances ever. With the added bonus of the Sexiest Man Alive and his BFF.

I want to be in Management

Great show last night -- YeaSayer and MGMT. Terrific energy, young and enthusiastic crowd. MGMT has an air of Led Zeppelin, but with a fresh new spin. And even David Letterman is up on how rad they are.

Yes We Can!!

I believe we can!

Not Rated PG

The Teenagers... quite saucy! But fun little show on Saturday at the Cake Room.

New Museum - Hell Yes!

Fellow non-working stiff, Tom, and I went to visit the New Museum on Bowery yesterday afternoon to celebrate newly-minted Museum Thursday. Meant to be a respite (for me at least) from the grind - yes, it's a grind - of the constant five-month job search. The space is fabulous, and so fun to have such a grand museum to the-strip-formerly-known-as-Skid-Row. Some of the sculptures were a bit too avant garde for my taste. Painted cardboard boxes and crumbled-up, used plastic tarps as a work of art? I'm an optimist, but please. Some of the paintings, silk screens and collages were rather magnificent though. All-in-all, a successful excursion. Next week - the last one I'll have buddy Tom with me in the ranks of the unemployed - we may do movie day.