Standing Next To The Hottest Girl Ever, But I'm Too Terrified To Say Anything

The folks at College Humor decided to explore a world where people actually shouted out loud - in public - all their inane twitters.

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That's A Lot of Legal Copy

Another amusing Mac vs PC commercial, this time making fun of all the disclaimers companies - and PCs manufacturers - have to make about their products and services. Why am I not tired of these commercials yet? Surely not solely because I live next door (practically) to Justin Long and shop with John Hodgman (who has an incredibly cute daughter, btw). I'm probably just a horrific white person.

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Breaking News: Vanity Fair Actually Funny

Vanity Fair posts this actually amusing intro to an otherwise dry online-delivered Editor's Letter. Does anyone else think big (and little) Graydon Carter should consider changing his Bernie Madoff hairstyle?

Surprise Singer Wows... Famous at 47?

Something completely unexpected from a singer on Britian's Got Talent. YouTube or someone awful has disabled most good embeds of the video, but worth checking out. So stunning!

Yeah, Boyee.... Southwest Takes Manhattan

Southwest Airlines announced today that they're going to start new routes in/out of La Guardia Airport. Rejoice, rejoice. What Jet Blue did to make JFK bearable, let's hop

Southwest Airlines logoImage via Wikipedia

e Southwest can bring to pitstop LGA.
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