Dreams They Cometh, Dreams They Get Taken Away

Ah... the entrepreneurial dream. New computer purchased... friends and family investors ready and raring to go... business plan begun... and then my brilliant idea is suddenly, simultaneously and rudely replicated by 3 or 4 other wily MBA/wine-drinking types (see cork'd, snooth, openbottles, bottletalk). Could I do it better? most probably. Did I have a better name? i think so - Whinos, anyone? Alas, I think I'll have to wait 'til my next spark of genius comes about. In the meantime - I think I'll look to ride on someone else's start-up coattails. Drink up, drink up.

Eat drink and be merry

What you seek, you shall never find.
For when the Gods made man,
They kept immortality for themselves.
Fill your belly.
Day and night make merry,
Let Days be full of joy.
Love the child that holds your hand.
Let your wife delight in your embrace.
For these alone are the concerns of man.
--The Epic of Gilgamesh

#1 Fan

I have approximately one loyal reader and therefore it is with great pleasure that I announce that I'm fulfilling his request to link to and expose a recently discovered site that promises to provide minutes of delight and joy to any child of the early 80s. I was a huge fan myself.

Also, my goal of seeing more live music in 2007 has yet to get off to a huge start, but listening to a ton of new stuff (Arcade Fire, reluctantly Hold Steady, old school Ryan Adams, Elvis Perkins, can't get enought My Morning Jacket live, some Jesse Sykes, The Fratellis, Brett Dennon, Deerhoof. Must be more proactive about going to see the shows. Am making a detour to San Francisco this weekend, and shall check out some Ghostland Observatory.

In any case, as Kermit would say, keep it green!

Not those Bears!

When I said Go Bears, I meant Cal, not Chicago. Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle Video As such, I will not be rooting for the team of the Superbowl Shuffle. I will be throwing my substantial heft behind Mr. Manning and his Colts, like the rest of the oddsmakers. Sorry we won't see you there again Mr. Brady. The ladies still love ya. In the meantime, I'll be working doubletime to get me my Bravia before kick-off.

2007 = Step It Up!

I can't take credit for it (thanks Meghan and Stephanie), but I certainly intend to embrace it. The theme for 2007 is Step it Up! ... at work, with adventure, with your love life. It's the mantra for the year. The thing you chant under your breath before you ask your boss for a raise, and as you say 'f' it and call that guy to ask him out for a date after all. It's the impromptu vacation that you book, and the black tie ball you sign yourself up for. It's going to watch a movie by youself and buying a piece of artwork. It's decisiveness and chutzpah. And I love it.