Not Sure Where the Wild Things Are, But I Want to Find Out

Check out the new trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, one of the best books of all time. Plus, the trailer has a kick ass version of an Arcade Fire tune, and is directed by Spike Jonze. Do I have to have a kid to go see this? So cool.

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Welcome to the Twittersphere... Don't Summon the Fail Whale

In case you were still wondering what Twitter was... of course you care whether other people know about what you're doing? Don't you twitter-stand?

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Auto-Tune in the Office

Clearly, every office should have an auto-tune mike. Thanks, MKM for sharing this brave new discovery!

Auto Tuning from Casey D on Vimeo.

Stewart vs. Cramer Smackdown

It was everywhere all week, and now it's happened, but still worth 12 minutes on your lunch break to see Jon Stewart eviscerate Jim Cramer, and Jim Cramer just take it like he needs it. Jon Stewart is mad as hell and he ain't gonna take it anymore. I'll just leave you at the Moment of Zen, but definitely check out the whole enchilada.
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Best News Ever! Heather #1 Just Looked Right At Me!

I might not be the biggest theatergoer, but I'm for sure going to head up to the Great White Way for this one... Heathers is making the leap to Broadway. F*@k me gently with a chain saw, do I look like Mother Theresa to you? Can this count as a Culture Event?

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YouTube Funky Mashup

So this dude decide to make an album mash-up of dozens upon dozens of unrelated YouTube clips and turn it into one rockin' album (with ready made videos). Check it out.

Pela Rocks It

Great show at the Mercury Lounge last night. Pela showed up all fired up and ready to try out tons of songs from their upcoming album. They sprinkled in standards like "Tenement Teeth", "Waiting on the Stairs" and "Good Foot on a Bad Doorstep", and brought the house down with a rambunctious recital of the title track from the new album (I don't remember the name offhand ... something about rising tides). Pela definitely was influenced by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, and I heard a little Hold Steady (which itself is a major Bruce knock-off), but they can also bring it down a notch with some great acoustic sets, and some major indie rock cred. (My guys and gals at KEXP are big fans). The new horn player - Handsome Bill - was a great addition that brought a new richness to the songs. The lead singer, Billy McCarthy, ain't so hard on the eyes either. An easy manner -- B thought he looked like Colin Farrel, I thought he looked like a retired QB-cum-sportcaster. Either way, they brought it. Enjoy the tunes.
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JFal, I Haven't Foresaken You

Despite the mixed reviews, I for one will keep giving Jimmy Fallon the time of day (though not sure he's earned a spot in the DVR-queue). I mean, he got my boy Justin Timberlake for the series premier, so you know at least he won't get caught with his Dick in the Box. And tonight, he's reunited with SNL Weekend Update buddy Tina Fey (yes, I'm a fan girl).
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This Is My Friend, Rob from Michigan. He's a Teenager.

Rob Riggle may not be on The Daily Show anymore, but you can still enjoy him in a handful of PSAs about teenage driving safety. Worth checking out, because I too can "talk about ponies all day long".

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Naked Seth Rogen

Vanity Fair filmed the cover shoot for their latest issue Comedy Issue, featuring Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Jason Segal and more. Me likey.

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