Let The Wind Take Our Troubles Away

Oh the Poor Yahoos!

NYC Keepin' It Real, Yo

I didn't shout it from the rooftops, or Gawker Stalker it, but I did see Ms. "Um, Yeah I live in The Hills" Whitney Port the other night. She was sashaying up to a hotel room at the SoHo Grande (does she live there, or was she about to canoodle with her companion?). No, I was going to keep this B-list sighting close to the vest - at least until Heidi-less Season 4 of course. But now I hear that lovely is set to bring more reality to Gotham with her very own show. I'm more excited than when the rest of the Real Housewives got to stick it to Ramona in the season re-cap session.

And now, they've revealed that the skank-cast of Season 432 of Real World - Brooklyn Edition - will be living in "Fort Green". I'm ready for a W'burg hipster v. Real World ass clown shake down.

I Don't Give A Hoot About What You Think

Carl, What Makes You Tick?

I know... I've been getting a little too frou-frou pink on you all. Time for some nut-busting.

Fine, I Admit It!

Fech... I've been in denial for 10 years, but it's now so abundantly clear after a Sunday afternoon in a place more estrogen-laden than the David's Bridal 50%-off sale. I'm friggin Miranda. And it's not a distressing thought just because she's everyone's least favorite, her fire engine red hair is nauseating, or that her teeth may be worse than Kirsten Dundst's...

Now comfortably in my fourth decade, I've become woefully honest with myself. (Or maybe I finally listened after years of the sibs telling me how abjectly priggish I am). Miranda is an uptight, know-it-all. She's quick to judge. Yeah, yeah, she's a good friend, and smart and talented and all, but still... gross, that reflection in the mirror is uh-ugh-ly. But admitting you have a problem is the first step.

At least the movie was highly entertaining. No, it won't change your life. But it won't make you hate it, either. Plus, there's a shit joke in there... something, even, for the boys.