No Moments of Zen or Train Wreck Hill Gazing in 09?

Viacom and TimeWarner Cable are in a bit of a public spat as we close out 2008 after Viacom asked for a raise in its fees for 19 of its channels, including Comedy Central, MTV and VH1. This means that NYC may lose TV-access to its beloved folk heroes Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and in almost as big of a tragedy, we'll miss out on the premier of our very own Real World Brooklyn. An auspicious start to 2009 indeed. Thank goodness for Hulu and Boxee's Apple TV hacks.

Damon Weaver Wants to Interview the President

This precocious 10-year old is on a quest to interview Barack Obama during the week of his inauguration. Godspeed.

I'm Puzzled, Can You Help Me With Something?

While some might not appreciate the art of the puzzle, or the need to unwind with others, but iminlikewithyou has created a fairly ingenious collaborative puzzle. An easy and mindless way to while away a few minutes, or get through a boring conference call. They even give you a widget to track how much cumulative time you waste on the sight. Oh me, oh my.

It's Been Asked Before, But What the Heck Happened to Mickey Rourke?

I'm heading to see The Wrestler along with everyone else, but I've just got reflect on what this man did to his face. He was hot back in the day. Now he looks like he got chewed up and spit out by a meat grinder. Take your vitamins, kids (but not the steroids kind) and stay away from the knife. Sheesh.

Afternoons Delight Me Too

Dammit! Now None of Us Can Make it Snow!

The viral video posted of the distraught Alpha Chi sorority sister has been taken down by the authorities. Dagnabbit. Now you'll never know her sorrow. Instead, you can watch the response of this particular gentleman who chose to spend 4+ minutes of his life responding to her.

I Just Wanted It To Snow!

[Video apparently removed - Boo. It was a beaut.]

One More Thing, I'm Paying By Check...

A worthy successor to "Dick in a Box", Samberg's latest music video explores the musical depth of 80s pop rock.

I Don't Think France is a Country, Is It?

Oh Kelly Pickler. You're just the gift that keeps on giving aren't you?

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Jack Black Jesus Says Gay Marriage Will Save The Economy!

... and I believe him! Or at least believe that the Prop 8 ban was ridiculous. Let's all do something about it. Join the Impact!

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