You Say Elitist, I Say Look In the Mirror

Really, really? You say you might not support Barack Obama because you believe he's an elitist? What might you be? Maybe being a "lady", having a 3,200 acre estate, being best mates with Tony & Cherie Blair, and owning part of The Economist, doesn't get you an elitist title in some circles, but I'm hard pressed to understand your finger-pointing at my man, BO.


paige | July 9, 2008 at 7:57 PM

When Hilary Clinton was spending more money than she had for her campaign that was Hilary’s choice and very irresponsible to keep spending money she did not have. Who told Hilary that all the money she spent would be taken care of?
Gas ,oil, food prices are rising ,people are becoming unemployed due to the economics and Obama supporters are expected to help pay Hilary’s reckless campaign debt because ?
And as far as Hilary supporters strong arming as to Hilary needs to be VP, Hilary’s debt needs to be paid, they will vote for McCain. Solution is very simple raise the funds yourself. When the people voted for the Democrat candidate I believe Obama won not Hilary, and yet Hilary needs to be in the White House because? You would vote for McCain knowing while married to his first wife who once physically perfect became physically disabled started an affair. Bill Clinton had affairs; John McCain had affairs that seems like a good reason for Hilary supporters to vote for McCain stick to the same pattern.