Forget Being Gramatically Correct, Why Can't This Woman Speak in Complete Sentences?!

Sarah Palin explaining to Sean Hannity how the RNC didn't really buy *her* $150,000 worth of clothes that they in fact bought for her (from Fox News):

This evening when Sean Hannity interviewed the Alaska governor, she explained the purchases.

“The RNC spending money on clothes–those clothes are not my property. We had three days of using clothes that the RNC purchased. If people knew how Todd and I and our kids shop so frugally. My favorite shop is a consignment shop in Anchorage, Alaska called Out of the Closet and my shoe store is called Shoe Fly in Juneau, Alaska. It is not a you know–it is not 5th Avenue type of shopping.” Palin said, “But RNC purchasing some clothes that are either returned or they are going to charity. It is not my property.”