DC or Bust

B and A and I are heading down to DC early Sunday morning. Trying to avoid the masses on 95 South, we'll seek less crowded pastures. A little Ravens football Baltimore Ravens logoImage via Wikipediaon Sunday afternoon (I have no one else to root for now that the Giants, the Patriots and the Cowboys are all out, might as well make B happy). Then Monday, into the insanity.

We'll do a little touristy stuff on Monday afternoon mayhaps (feel free to follow me on Twitter: hollandtunnel). Monday night some dinner with CP and MK hopefully. Then some party party on Monday night.

Barack Obama @ TwitterImage by comicbase via FlickrAnd finally, the big day... It's about time. All the countdown clocks have reached their end and a new day is here. Now, the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. I'll be twittering all day long and hoping to meet up with my peeps after the swearing in (in the "purple" section thank you very much). The January drinking detox will be on hold as well (praise the Lord). Good times here we come.
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MKM | January 18, 2009 at 4:25 AM

Wait, why would you ever go for the Cowboys? Blasphemy!