Viral Video Your Way to a Job

Was interviewing people this week for a content dev jobby job, and found out how out of the loop I am (this week at least). Posting a sampling below:

1.) Popeye's Got No Chicken! Heard this one time and time again. Controversial local news clip from Rochester, NY about Popeye's running out of chicken and closing down after a special promotion. Besides being a lame story, smacks of being a wee bit racist? yes, no?

2.) "Stand By Me" Around The World. As part of a documentary, filmmakers mashed up singing the classic "Stand by Me" around the world. They have a couple of other songs... well worth watching.

3.) Human Beatboxer - A young Japanese teen struts out his extraordinary beatbox skills... hard to believe those noises are all coming from his mouth! Whack!

4.) Swine Flu PSA: Flashback 1976 - Despite what Michele Bachman says, the last swine flu breakout was in 1976 when Gerald Ford was president. And the lovely networks created these very informative PSA. Also, they're hilarious.

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Patti | May 12, 2009 at 5:12 PM

These videos are hilarious. Will have to share the Popeye's one with Ben. 1) because I secretly lo-ove Popeye's chicken and cajun rice. 2) Ben went to RIT in Rochester.
If you like beatboxers, you should check out Beardyman. He will blow your mind!