I'm Definitely Considering All The Songs

I started reading Esquire, nominally a men's magazine, several years back initially because I was intrigued enough to buy its "Annual Genius" issue before some cross-country flight. I've gone on to become a regular subscriber not only because of its multiple George Clooney exposes, its book reviews, analysis of what it's like to be on steroids, or treatises on how to sleep better, but largely because of its music reviews. This year's Esky Awards gives a shout out to one of my newest fav music discovery source: NPR's Bob Boilen, who hosts the weekly All Songs Considered radio show podcast. Bob, who might be indie rock's oldest and yet most enthusiastic fan boy, and his crew host fantastic live performances - straight from the 930 Club (the only reason to like DC if you ask me) from bands like Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Spoon and the New Pornographers (I was there - hee hee). This year, ATC tackled the crush of new indie music on display at SXSW. First, they listened to hundreds of tracks and distilled some 'must see' acts. During the show, they tirelessly hosted more great live shows from Yeasayer, R.E.M., it boys Vampire Weekend and Yo La Tengo. And then kindly, ever so kindly, they gave a wrap-up filled with suggestions on some of the hot new acts of 2008. Apparently, Bon Iver will make you cry.