A Short History of Nearly Everything Sports

Now, I'm a sports fan, though not a rabid, partisan one (owing mostly to the fact that most teams I support - at least in the college arena - usually suck bricks). I love March Madness (I'm winning my pool as we speak... at least for the next hour), I'm the first one to sign up to bring the chips and salsa to watch the SuperBowl, I'm game to catch a ballgame and enjoy a beer and hotdog, and I'll even watch golf on TV. But I'm not a fanatic, stats-wielding sports lunatic. However, SI's new Vault, is a great new site. It's also a perfect example of big media companies leveraging the long-tail in new and interesting ways. There are gems of stories from popular sports writers, like NPR Commentator, Frank Deford, dating back to the 60's, old SI covers, and video clips galore. Smartly, SI has partnered with eBay to offer up related, contextual memorabilia (1969 Topp's Kareem Abdul Jabar card, anyone?). This is a treasure trove of sports history. A perfect way to celebrate sports.