New Museum - Hell Yes!

Fellow non-working stiff, Tom, and I went to visit the New Museum on Bowery yesterday afternoon to celebrate newly-minted Museum Thursday. Meant to be a respite (for me at least) from the grind - yes, it's a grind - of the constant five-month job search. The space is fabulous, and so fun to have such a grand museum to the-strip-formerly-known-as-Skid-Row. Some of the sculptures were a bit too avant garde for my taste. Painted cardboard boxes and crumbled-up, used plastic tarps as a work of art? I'm an optimist, but please. Some of the paintings, silk screens and collages were rather magnificent though. All-in-all, a successful excursion. Next week - the last one I'll have buddy Tom with me in the ranks of the unemployed - we may do movie day.


Evil | February 23, 2008 at 1:05 PM

hey, you posted about our museum day. very cool!

- your handsome buddy tom