Do You Say 'Bless You' When I Sneeze?

A while back, I offered up a few simple questions, which when proposed to a lady's gentlemanly suitor after the first date or two, can help said gal save a lot of unnecessary time, pain and heartache. Yesterday, I was listening to one of my fav new Muxtapes, and I heard Hello Saferide's The Quiz. Undoubtedly a case of simultaneous inspiration as opposed to out and out stealing, Hello Saferide offers up some additional pertinent questions. And her tunes are kinda fun too.


Mickey | April 14, 2008 at 1:20 AM

Just listened to three of her songs on You Tube. I loved them. Do you think I'm the only male in the world who likes her? Very quirky, very intelligent. Loved "Best Friend".