I'm Coming Down with a Case of Stockholm Syndrome

Things happen. You meet people. And then all of sudden, you find yourself with an inordinate amount of information about Sweden. Information like: Sweden found great wealth in much of the 18th and 19th centuries because of potatoes and the polio vaccine, the names of all the floor-coverings at Ikea are slyly named after places in Denmark, the Swedes are still ruled by a king (King Carl XVI Gustaf, please and thank you) and the Swedish people actually find the Swedish Chef funny (although really, who doesn't?).

But what I'm mostly excited about is getting more plugged into the Swedish indie rock scene. I suppose indirectly, I had been for awhile - whether I realized it or not. The SD got me into Kent back in the day, and I've been known to rock out to The Hives. But these days, there is a whole buncha good music coming from that Scandanavian land (slightly larger than California). Some recent discoveries include: The Sounds, Hello Saferide, Lykke Li, Shout Out Louds, Anna Turnheim and Maia Hirasawa. You better believe I'd like me some more Swedesplease. Have any more lovely Swedish music for me?