Haven't We All Worn Saturday's Shoes on Sunday Morning?

... oh, really? you haven't. Well, never mind, then. I'll just tell you about a really charming singer-songwriter that I had the pleasure of listening to this afternoon: Richard Julian. He played a live show today in the new webcast series, Live @ FYI (they've also hosted another fav, Jenny Owen Youngs) -- plus the host is utterly adorable. Richard's new album is entitled none other than Sunday Morning in Saturday's Shoes. The album has plenty of clever ditty's including corporate hegemony inspired "Syndicated" and the heartbreaking "If You Stay". A smart, funny, low-key and humble showman (except when it comes to describing his crossword puzzle skills), Richard has a perfect Sunday afternoon listening key, and the appropriate soundtrack to this Spring season. An upcoming low-key show at Rockwood Music Hall in the next couple of weeks.


Monfogo | April 9, 2008 at 12:36 AM

Hey there. Thanks very much for the write up. And I'll be sure to pass along the comments to Jon (our host). Anytime you want to come by and check out a performance, please let me know.

John Henkel
For Your Imagination